About Us

Fraternities and sororities are values-based organizations that focus on the development of leadership, scholarship success, brotherhood/sisterhood, service, and community among their members. Since the founding of the first fraternity in 1776, hundreds of Greek-lettered organizations have been established across college campuses in North America.

A vital part of the student experience at the University of Oregon (UO), the fraternity and sorority community has existed since 1900 when the first fraternity, Sigma Nu, was established on campus. This rich tradition of excellence continues today with over 3,700 students involved in over 30 fraternities and sororities. Currently, the fraternity and sorority community comprises nearly 16% of the overall student body. Thanks to a growing student population and elevated student body, expansion within Greek-lettered organizations is continual.

Fraternity and Sorority Life (FSL) offers and coordinates a variety of programs, activities and services that are designed to ensure a quality education and social experience for UO fraternity and sorority members. Services and resources are provided to chapter officers, members and advisors in addition to the Interfraternity and Panhellenic Councils, Inter/National Headquarters representatives, alumni, community officials and the parents of fraternity and sorority members and potential members.

Vision Statement

The University of Oregon will be the national model of a fraternity and sorority life community that enhances the student experience, promotes positive professional and personal development, and is recognized locally and nationally for fraternal excellence.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life is to enhance the quality of student life at the University of Oregon by empowering members of the Greek community through advising with a developmental approach, educating with a purpose, collaborating with stakeholders, promoting academic success, encouraging civic responsibility, advocating for healthy lifestyles, creating lifelong connections, and advancing values-based leadership and decision making.

Community Values

Scholarship & Learning

As a university student, you are here to get a degree and contribute to the scholarship of our university. This value is core to the identity of the UO. The experiences and opportunities you get involved with as a member of FSL contribute to your academic scholarship and personal development. Whether the event is social, philanthropic, or academic, it is designed to positively contribute to your overall learning experience at the university.

Community Service & Philanthropy

As a member of the FSL community, you are part of amazing philanthropic endeavors that raise several hundred thousand dollars for charitable organizations each year. These often involve organizations working together or competing to contribute significantly to the communities around us.

Brotherhood & Sisterhood

The connections you form during your time in FSL have the potential to last a lifetime. The bonds and friendships you create are based on the shared values of your organization and community. These relationships provide you with support to be involved, challenged, and engaged throughout your college experience. Your commitment to each other includes holding each other accountable to your values so you can reach your full potential.

Leadership Engagement

The FSL community is focused on being leaders on campus and in your organizations. As a member, you’ll have a variety of leadership opportunities in and beyond FSL, as well as the chance to develop leadership skills you can apply in a variety of other ways. The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life offers a variety of programs and opportunities to help you grow as a leader and through your engagement in our community.

Community Awareness

Not all communities are the same and each has issues that can negatively impact it. The FSL community is dedicated to identifying the relevant issues and addressing them accordingly. As a member of the FSL community, no individual is alone in addressing any issue. We work together to address these issues through prevention and education efforts specifically tailored to the FSL community and connecting members to campus resources.

Our Services

Programming – Provide educational programs and learning opportunities via presentations at individual fraternities and sororities, as well as support for the programing efforts of the councils. Support advisors and house corporations through awareness of national trends and best practices.

Advocacy – Represent the needs and interests of the fraternity and sorority community within the University as well as to non-University constituents. Support the efforts of student leaders, advisors, house corporations, and alumni through creation of new services and development efforts.

Advisement – Directly advise the efforts of council officers as well as regularly meet with fraternity and sorority presidents to provide advice and support. Hold quarterly meetings for advisors and house corporations. Meet with representatives of the inter/national offices of the fraternities and sororities.

Connections – Facilitate connections between Greek organizations and members of the University community, resources, and programs. Encourage University department interaction and involvement in the Greek community.

Training – Plan and execute educational programming for council and chapter members. Work with individual officers in understanding the responsibilities of their positions. Provide training regarding the fraternity and sorority community to University departments and programs.

Standards – Encourage high standards in the areas of housing, recruitment, behavior, and accountability, while acknowledging the value of peer governance. Guide the fraternity and sorority community towards becoming a national model fraternity and sorority community through the Community Advancement and Endorsement Program.

Our Commitment

Access – We promote outreach to all incoming students via the recruitment process and facilitate connections to University services and resources. We advocate for the needs of the members and organizations, help bridge relationships between the organizations and their inter/national headquarters and serves as an administrative resources for members and advisors.

Engagement – We advise and provide leadership development training opportunities and programming for fraternities and sororities. We assist students with acclimation into the fraternity and sorority community and leadership roles. We cultivate relationships with advisor and house corporation boards, facilitate relationships between organizations and departments, and advocate for collaboration and cooperation.

Diversity – Students within fraternities and sororities come from a myriad of backgrounds, races, ethnicities, and socio-economic experiences. Service to the community to help people of all backgrounds is a priority for fraternity and sorority organizations. Philanthropic endeavors raises several hundred thousand dollars for charitable organizations. Countless hours of hands on service were provided directly to those in need.

Care – We serve as advisors and advocates. We respond to emergencies and provide support in difficult times. We offer connections to essential University services in time of need and serve as a resource to parents with questions or concerns. Additionally, we collaborate with professionals and departments to create a community of care.

Student Learning – We help students develop decision making skills in order to enhance leadership development, ethical growth and critical thinking. We facilitate student participation in regional and national conference which focuses on diverse and emerging issues. We encourage the use of best practices.



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