The fraternity and sorority community at the University of Oregon has existed since 1900 when Sigma Nu fraternity was established. Followed by Kappa Sigma fraternity in 1904 and Gamma Phi Beta sorority in 1908, the community soon boomed with the establishment of many more chapters and construction of the first fraternity and sorority houses.

The UO's fraternity and sorority community has experienced many ups and downs throughout its century of existence. Like most communities throughout the country, ours grew during the periods of increased student enrollment post-wars and shrank when faced with the challenges of hazing and high rates of substance abuse.

Our community now endures great success, having doubled in size over the past five years. Members have higher GPAs than ever before and are establishing themselves as outstanding citizens through high rates of community service and philanthropic events. While there is always room for improvement, the fraternity and sorority community is proud if its accomplishments and looks forward to great success for another century.

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