Panhellenic Council Women's Sorority Recruitment

Formal sorority recruitment is a mutual selection process that is filled with activities designed to offer prospective members the chance to learn about sororities in a concentrated period of time. It is an opportunity for students to meet sorority members, ask questions, define financial obligations, time commitments and membership requirements. Most sororities participate in fall formal recruitment.

Students interested in Informal Recruitment/Continuous Open Bidding can check the FSL events calendar for chapter events or email the FSL office at

2019 Fall Formal Recruitment

2019 Fall Formal Recruitment registration is open! We are excited to have you participate in Panhellenic Recruitment this fall. 

To register for Panhellenic Sorority Recruitment, click here!

*****Early Registration End September 15, 2019*****

Recruitment Orientation - October 7th, 2019

Conversation Days - October 10-11, 2019

Philanthropy and Service Day - October 12, 2019

Membership Experience Day - October 13, 2019

Preference Night - October 14, 2019

Bid Day - October 15, 2019


  • Enrolled at the University of Oregon as an Incidental "I" Fee paying student
  • Formal Recruitment (fall): Submission of registration form (link above)
  • Formal Recruitment (fall): Payment of registration fee
  • Formal Recruitment (fall): Attendance at the Recruitment Orientation - October 7, 2019 @ TBD

Formal Recruitment Structure

Recruitment Orientation - Potential New Members (PNMs) will learn more about the recruitment process and about the Panhellenic community at the University of Oregon. PNMs will be placed into small groups and assigned a recruitment counselor who is an sorority women who has disassociated from her chapter to assist students through the recruitment process.

Conversation Days  - This is the first round of recruitment.  You will visit all 12 sororities. You will learn more about leadership opportunities within sororities and how sorority women are involved on campus.

Philanthropy and Service Day - During this round, you will visit a maximum of 9 sororities. You will get to know some of the sorority women and learn more about each sorority's philanthropy.

Membership Experience Day - During this round, you will visit a maximum of 6 sororities.You will learn more about the importance of sisterhood in each sorority.

Preference Night - This is the final round of recruitment. You will visit a maximum of 2 sororities. You will learn more about the importance of Ritual in sororities.

Bid Day - Potential new members may receive a bid to one sorority.

Informal Recruitment/Continuous Open Bidding

Continuous Open Bidding (COB) or informal recruiting, is not hosted through the University of Oregon. Each individual chapter is responsible for their own informal recruiting, and while may chapters may recruit informally, it happens in a time frame set by each individual chapter. Please email to be added to the Continuous Open Bidding (COB) interest list. 

Sorority Recruitment FAQs

Does it cost money to go through recruitment?

Yes, there is a $50 fee for sorority recruitment. This fee allows us to cover the costs of training materials, marketing needs, Recruitment Counselor supplies, rentals, our computer system, and more. Additionally, you'll receive a t-shirt and other giveaways!

What is a PNM?

PNM stands for Potential New Member - someone who is exploring membership in a fraternity or sorority.

What is a Recruitment Counselor?

Recruitment Counselor are members of sororities on campus who have disassociated with their chapters in an effort to give you unbiased advice and to serves as an impartial listener. Recruitment Counselor have been chosen for this position because of their positive attitude, objectivity, leadership skills and enthusiasm for the sorority experience. You will meet your Recruitment Counselor during orientation and call on her for any questions you have throughout the process.

What should I wear?

Sorority recruitment is fairly informal when it comes to attire. Below are options for what is typically worn during each round. Remember, it can get warm during the daytime in Oregon, but quite cool in the evenings. Also, you may be walking long distances, so we encourage you to bring comfortable shoes for walking.

For information please see

What should I talk about at the recruitment events?

It is important for you to be yourself during recruitment. Asking questions is encouraged. As you go from one day to the next, conversations will become more in-depth. Remember that you have to narrow your choice of sororities each round. Therefore, collect enough information to comfortably make these decisions.

What if I am shy?

Being shy should not hinder your recruitment experience. Remember, there are members of the chapters who are shy too, so you are not alone. Every sorority wants a variety of members, and they want to get to know you as best they can.

How do sororities decide who to invite back each party?

Just as you will make decisions about which sororities you want to visit, the sororities will make decisions about which potential new members to invite back. While making their decisions, sororities often consider scholastic achievement, extracurricular involvement, general fit, and more.

If I am a legacy to a sorority, is there anything special I should know?

Each potential new member is considered on an individual basis; legacies are no more obligated to join a particular sorority than the sorority is obligated to accept her for membership.

I have heard that sororities have various reputations. Is that true?

The only opinion of a chapter that should matter is yours. Each chapter is different from campus to campus and from year to year. Remember that each chapter is made up of many different women with different talents and qualities that compose the entire group. If you hear derogatory remarks about any sorority or any woman in the chapter, please disregard those comments as inappropriate and unethical to the Panhellenic spirit. You can direct further questions or problems to your Recruitment Counselor.

What if during recruitment week I discover that I am not ready to commit to a sorority?
A potential new member is never obligated to join a sorority. If you would not like to discontinue with formal recruitment, you may choose to withdraw at any time. If you withdraw prior to signing a preference card on Preference Night, you are eligible to participate in Informal Recruitment. If during recruitment week, you decide that you no longer want to participate in formal recruitment, you should discuss these feelings with your Recruitment Counselor.

What if I turn down the bid I receive on Bid Day?

If you receive a bid from a chapter on Bid Day and decide not to accept it, you will be unable to participate in informal recruitment for one calendar year. Please talk to recruitment staff or Recruitment Counselor's on Preference night if you plan on not accepting a bid from one of the chapters you visited that night.

Panhellenic Council Recommendation Letters

What is a Recommendation Letter?

A recommendation is a personal letter of reference provided by an alumna of a sorority to her sorority’s chapter at UO. In the letter of recommendation the alumna will write about your talents and skills that will contribute to the sorority. The purpose of a letter of recommendation is to simply introduce you to the sorority so that the sorority members may become better acquainted with you prior to Recruitment.

How Do I Get a Recommendation?

Tell your relatives and friends that you are going through Recruitment. Alumnae may send in a personal letter, or obtain a recommendation form through their sorority headquarters.

Is a Recommendation Necessary to Get a Bid?

No, recommendation letters are not required to receive a bid, and you will not in any way be penalized if a letter or form is not submitted on your behalf.

Will a Recommendation Ensure that a PNM Receives a Bid?

No, a recommendation is just a way to introduce you to the sorority in addition to the information that you have already provided during the online registration process.

When and Where Should They Be Mailed?

In the summer, before Recruitment begins. Addresses for each chapter are listed below. Letters of Recommendation should not be sent the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life.

Electronic submission forms for letters of recommendation can be located here:

Alpha Chi Omega

Alpha Phi

Chi Omega

Delta Delta Delta

Delta Gamma

Delta Zeta

Gamma Phi Beta

Kappa Alpha Theta

Kappa Delta

Kappa Kappa Gamma

Pi Beta Phi

Sigma Kappa

Sorority Recruitment Parent FAQs

How can you help your student succeed?

One of the best ways to help your student succeed in Recruitment is to continually encourage her to learn about all of our Panhellenic chapters. Each of our 12 chapters are unique and offer their own rich traditions. It is important to enter the Recruitment process with an open mind, as opposed to having preconceived ideas as to which sorority is right for your student. It is important for your student to make her own decision with as little influence from others as possible.

What contact will sorority members have with my student before Recruitment?

Current sorority women should not be trying to form friendships with your student the summer before Recruitment begins. With that being said, women who already know your student should not be contacting her to talk about Recruitment, nor should your student receive cards, letters, or gifts from sorority women. It is also important to note that during Recruitment, your student should not receive any cards, letters (this includes Facebook communication), gifts, or communication from sorority members, alums, or members’ mothers.

I was in a Sorority. What should I expect?

Recruitment is different over time and between institutions. Please do not assume that the Recruitment process at the University of Oregon will be identical to the one that you remember. Many times friends can provide false information to parents and potential new members as well. We recognize that you and your student are both nervous and excited for Recruitment, so if you do have questions, the best place to direct those questions is the Office of Fraternity and Sorority staff. We ask that you review the materials that we have complied for you on this website, and if you still need questions answered, then please contact us and we will be happy to answer those. Additionally, if you hear information from a friend that conflicts with the website materials, go with the website, as we are the ones most closely linked to the Recruitment process. Please also keep in mind that this is Recruitment not Rush. Your student will be nervous about this process, but please encourage her to understand that chapters are equally as nervous to impress her and recruit her into their sorority’s membership.

How can I find out about my students Recruitment experience during the week?

As your student goes throughout the Recruitment process it will be her duty to share with you the experiences that she has. If you do call the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life, we will be able to share with you very limited information. If you have questions about why she may have been released from a chapter or which chapters have asked her back for the day, we cannot share that information with you. In fact, chapters do not inform us of how they make their selections, or what their process looks like.

Is Recruitment only for freshmen?

Not at all! Sorority life has many wonderful opportunities to offer to all college women. There is no reason for you to miss out on the experience because you are not a freshman. All undergraduate college women are encouraged to participate in Recruitment, regardless of their year in college. Panhellenic offers everyone the opportunity to experience the many benefits of sorority life.

What if my student does not want to join a sorority?

You are under no obligation to join a sorority just because you register for Recruitment. Your student is encouraged to participate in Recruitment, because it is an excellent opportunity for her to learn about sorority life, meet a new friends, and explore opportunities to get involved!

How many women actually get invited to join sororities at the end of Recruitment?

Although most women participating in Recruitment are invited to join a chapter, there are no guarantees that your student will receive a bid. Typically, about 30% of women participating in Recruitment choose not to continue through the process for a variety of reasons. Fortunately, very few women participating in Recruitment are released from the process, meaning they are not invited back to any chapters. Overall, approximately 70-80% of women participating receive bids to join sororities at the end of the process.

What financial assistance or scholarships are available for sorority membership?

Each member of a sorority is held to a certain financial obligation. Although each organization has a variety of options to fulfill the financial obligation, there is not an abundance of consistent financial assistance programs for women.

Financial assistance programs are reserved for women who have run into an emergency situation and need aid to continue their membership, while working through the present situation.

Do new members live in the chapter house as a new member?

No, new members do not live in chapter houses and all potential new members should make arrangements to live in a campus residence hall or off campus apartment/house.