Information For Parents

Parents and families are encouraged to become involved with their student’s fraternity or sorority experience. Joining a chapter is a lifelong commitment that will benefit from family support and involvement.

There are numerous ways parents can become involved with the fraternal experience. Several events throughout the year, including parents’ weekend and award banquets, are excellent means to stay connected. Additionally, many chapters have parents’ clubs in Eugene as well as other large cities. These clubs provide an opportunity to meet and network with other parents.

Helpful information for parents and families can be found at the links below. Please contact Fraternity & Sorority Life staff for additional information!

Fraternal Values

Ducks Do Something

Respect is a core value of our university community. And as a student at the University of Oregon, you have the right to be treated with respect at all times. We encourage you to help foster a culture of respect on campus.

Sexual Assault

The University of Oregon does not tolerate sexual violence or harassment. As Ducks, we respect each other and take care of each other. If you engage in sexual activity, you need explicit, sober consent from everyone involved—including yourself. If you see that someone is in an uncomfortable or unsafe situation, intervene or call for help.

If you or someone you know has experienced sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating or domestic violence, and/or stalking, please visit or call 541-346-SAFE to speak with a confidential counselor who can explain your options and connect you with resources. This service is free and confidential for all UO students.


Hazing is any intentional or reckless act, on or off University property, by one student, acting alone or with others, which is directed against any other student that endangers the mental or physical health or safety of that student, or which induces or coerces a student to endanger his or her mental or physical health or safety.

There is potential for hazing to occur in any student organization on a college campus. University of Oregon actively addresses and holds organizations or individuals formally accused and found responsible for hazing accountable. Each fraternity and sorority is required to attend training each semester on hazing education and prevention, and is expected to uphold the University Of Oregon Student Code Of Conduct.

For more information on incidences of hazing at the University of Oregon, please contact Office of Student Conduct & Community Standards at 541-346-1140 for a list of fraternities or sororities who have been found responsible for hazing or see

To report a possible instance of hazing, please click here


The University of Oregon fraternity and sorority community opposes the misuse of alcohol and maintains that all chapters, all individual members, and all guests must abide by state, local, and university laws and regulations. Guidelines for social events involving alcohol are established by the University of Oregon and prohibit students from possessing alcoholic beverages in the chapter houses and on chapter premises. All chapters work to educate and foster a better understanding of social responsibility and alcohol education for its members.


UO fraternities and sororities are housed in independently owned and operated houses. Opportunities to live in chapter houses vary by chapter and are something you should ask about during Recruitment. All chapter houses have a requirement to meet fire and life safety standards in accordance with the Eugene/Springfield Fire Department and are alcohol and substance free.

Financial Commitment

Like many opportunities for involvement in college, there is a financial commitment associated with joining a sorority or fraternity. These costs go toward inter/national fees, chapter operating expenses, philanthropy events, social functions, lodge expenses, and much more. Financial obligations differ among individual sororities. Potential members should ask each fraternity or sorority about these financial obligations. In some cases financial aid and scholarships may apply to membership and housing costs.

New members can expect to pay higher dues their first semester due to the one time new member fees. New member dues can range between $125-$1300 per quarter and active member dues (including room and board) range from $2500-3200 per quarter. Some organizations will offer payment plans, but this is dictated by the inter/national organization’s policies. There are additional expenses that your student might incur such as purchasing sorority t-shirts or memorabilia, fees for additional events, fees to bring guests to events, etc.

2015-16 Membership Costs

Academic Requirements

The University of Oregon does not require a specific grade point average to participate in the recruitment process but all participants must be full-time students on the University of Oregon campus. Each chapter sets its own minimum grade point average for pledging, which range from 2.5 – 3.2 for high school grades.