FSL Fraternity and Sorority Recruitment

The process of joining a fraternal organization is called "Recruitment" or "Membership Intake", but often times you will hear it referred to as "rush" or "pledging". At the University of Oregon, the recruitment/membership intake process varies from council to council.

No student is ever guaranteed a bid or an invitation for membership in a fraternity or sorority.  Each organization has membership standards that they are required to uphold.  These can include but are not limited to GPA requirements, current/past involvement requirements, or current /past community service involvement.  

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Academic Requirements

The University of Oregon does not require a specific grade point average to participate in the recruitment process but all participants must be full-time students on the University of Oregon campus. Each chapter sets its own minimum grade point average for pledging, which range from 2.5 – 3.2 for high school grades.

Financial Commitment

Like many opportunities for involvement in college, there is a financial commitment associated with joining a sorority or fraternity. These costs go toward inter/national fees, chapter operating expenses, philanthropy events, social functions, lodge expenses, and much more. Financial obligations differ among individual sororities. Potential members should ask each fraternity or sorority about these financial obligations. In some cases financial aid and scholarships may apply to membership and housing costs.

New members can expect to pay higher dues their first semester due to the one time new member fees. New member dues can range between $125-$1300 per quarter and active member dues (including room and board) range from $2500-3200 per quarter. In addition, all students pay a $100 fee called the FSL Administration Fee as a part of their student tuition (more information can be found on our home page on the FSL Fee PDF). Some organizations will offer payment plans, but this is dictated by the inter/national organization’s policies. There are additional expenses that your student might incur such as purchasing sorority t-shirts or memorabilia, fees for additional events, fees to bring guests to events, etc.

2015-16 Financial Information can be found here

Membership in Recognized Organization vs. Unrecognized Groups

It is important for potential new members and parents to understand the differences between University “recognized” organizations and “unrecognized” groups.

A University “recognized” fraternity or sorority is one that is in good standing with the University (see: recognition policy). University recognized fraternities and sororities are monitored for performance related to University policies and standards, including the Student Conduct Code. Fraternity & Sorority Life staff advise these chapters and help chapters continue to improve and excel. 

All recognized fraternities and sororities have worked diligently with the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life to maintain their chapter in good standing. These organizations have the privilege of using University facilities and equipment, holding meetings and programs on campus, inducting new members that will be recognized by the University, and participating in Fraternity & Sorority Life-sponsored leadership retreats and workshops, and other events and programs.

Points to Consider

Joining a sorority or fraternity requires making an educated decision about the organization of which you will be a life-long member. Please utilize both chapter and national websites, as well as asking the following questions of organizational leaders and individual members:

What are the financial obligations for membership?
How will membership in this organization benefit me? Personally? Academically?
What leadership opportunities are available for me in this organization?
What are some of the community service activities that you participate in?
Will I be required to live in the chapter house (if applicable) as a member?
What were some of your organization's greatest accomplishments of the past year?
What kind of organizations are your members involved in? What leadership positions do they hold in other organizations?
What type of regular social activities does your chapter participate in?
Does your chapter have a GPA requirement?
What is the recruitment/intake process like?
What is this organization looking for in an ideal member?